Songwriter & Recording Artist

Ryan Patrick Duggan
 mixes the angst of a heartfelt singer-songwriter with the affectations of a pop raconteur. Ryan is well-known for having a prodigious catalog of unreleased music which spans several genres, running the gamut from warm, gentle-hearted, coffee shop folk to confessional, existentially-driven soulful rock to lonely, sepia-toned country. Aching vulnerability and raw authenticity are his musical calling card, hearkening back to the American folk-tradition of “story song,” with a thoroughly modern spin, largely influenced by the parade of eclectic characters one meets living in and around the haunted sidewalks of Los Angeles, where the ornate and the austere collide with the amorphous idea of the California Dream.

The Sentimentalist

Ryan was active in the LA music scene of the late 90’s and fronted several popular bands both as vocalist and primary songwriter before going on an extended hiatus. Over the last fifteen years the songwriter never stopped, but the recordings did… until now.  His long awaited and highly anticipated debut solo album, “The Sentimentalist,” is out now on a new L.A. based indie label called California SongWorks.

When not making music, Ryan is a Radio News and Traffic Anchor, an artist, a cinephile, a baseball enthusiast, a vinyl junkie, a dive bar aficionado and a spiritual seeker who worships daily at the altar of music.


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Upcoming Performances:

Saturday November 21st at 3:00 pm
The Beat Coffeehouse & Records

520 Fremont St, Las Vegas, Nevada



Featured Video Highlight: Warming Up In The Studio